The Elvish Pen - Episode Two

Episode 2

     "Who's there?" Rox repeated once more.  Her heart pounded and she took in shallow breaths of air.  Why did I come here?  She inwardly reprimanded herself over and over, all while contemplating whether she should run or not.  Then, a thought stuck her that she was overreacting.  She was what, 100 yards from her grandmother's house?  It was probably just a rabbit or something.  Thinking these thoughts calmed herself down a bit, but she was still agitated.
     Suddenly, something came tumbling out of the shadows.  It did a couple of somersaults on the ground and then jumped up.  Rox burst into nervous laughter.  That is, until she saw that the unearthly "thing" was pointing a bow and arrow at her.  Abruptly, she was silent and stared wide eyed at the one who could kill her any second.  She wanted to scream, but found herself unable.  She wanted to cry, but no tears would come.  She wanted to move, but she was paralyzed.  Fear shot all the way through her, chilling her to the bone.
     The being was short, only about three feet tall and was absolutely the most hideous thing Rox had ever seen.  It had a greenish-grayish complexion and ears that pointed out about six inches from its head. It had two eyes, but the left was significantly bigger than the right.
     "Someone help me..." Rox managed to whisper.
     "No one can," the raspy voice of the creature spit out.  Terror shot through Rox once more.
     "What are you?"
     "A goblin."
     "No one is near enough to hear you," the goblin chuckled a little and shook its head.
     Rox took a few deep breaths.  Summoning all of her courage, she shouted, "SOMEBODY HELP!"
     "No one can hear you but me."  A tear of utter fear slipped down Rox's face and she wiped it away angrily.
     "And why is that so?"
     "You aren't where you think you are," the goblin lowered his threatening bow just a bit.
     "You're joking."
     "Welcome to the forest of The Elvish Pen."  Suddenly catching on, Rox started yelling for some sort of elf to come and help her.  The goblin raised his bow, once more becoming dangerous.  Rox froze and shut her eyes.  I am going to die.  Her knees went week at the thought and she fell onto the ground.  Rox heard a cry of utter pain and a twang.  She felt something rush above her.  Something touched her throat.
     "She's alive."  Then whatever had touched her throat leave.  Rox opened her eyes and squealed, backing away as fast as she can.
     "What...are...you...?" she gasped.
     The human-like woman laughed, but not unkindly.  "Child, I'm an elf."  Child?  I'm like, 15.  And you don't look a day over it.  The elven woman's hair was long and a light brown color, intricately braided in a half up, half down fashion.  Her clothing was green, blending in with the landscape.
     "I'm 15," Rox corrected the elf after a few moments of thought.
     "15 years is nothing in the life of an elf.  I myself am about 1,000."  Rox shook her head in disbelief.
     "You don't look any older than me!"
     "Elves do not age in the same way humans do," the elven woman smiled a white smile.
     "Why was that goblin-creature-thing attacking me?"
     "You must have so many questions.  Why don't you follow me to a safer part of the forest."

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Path 1: Rox refuses to go with the elven woman.

Path 2: Another goblin attacks.

Path 3: The elven woman leads Rox to a hidden Elvish city.

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