The Elvish Pen

Ooh!  I'm so excited for this post!  I have created a sort of TV season, but it happens write here on Elvish Pens, Fantastical Writings.  I will explain how it works at the bottom.  ;) So, without further ado...may I present:

Now, here is how this series will work.  It does require your participation to keep it "airing".  :)  Each week, there will be an episode (its really just a story snippet).  After reading the episode, you will chose one of 3 paths and vote in the normal spot: just above the About Me section on the right column.  You will have 48 hours from the time the episode was aired to vote.  Then, I will take the winning path and write the next episode!  The season starts on August 11th at 6am Eastern Time, 5am Central Time, 4am Mountain Time, and 3am Pacific Time.  I believe that there will be about 13 episodes in Season 1, each airing on Monday at the same time.  If you miss it when it first airs, no worries.  :) I have DVR, so you won't miss it.  Enjoy the season!